Product Details
TWEEN 20, BioPureact Grade Detergent, 10% Solution
50 ml $69
500 ml $479
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(TWEEN is registered trademark of ICI Americas Inc.)

CAS Number:  9005-64-5

Molecular Formula:  N/A

Molecular Weight:  ~1228

Appearance:  Liquid

Purity:  Aldehydes: <200 µM; Peroxides: <200 µM

Formulation:  10% (H2O)

Solubility:  N/A

Storage Condition:  +4°C

Shipping Conditions:  Room Temperature


Description:  A non-ionic detergent.

                     Useful for the isolation of membrane-bound proteins under non-denaturing conditions.

Handling:  Packaged under inert gas

Usage:  For research use only.  Not for use in humans.


                AUR11130-50            50 ml           $  69

                AUR11130-500        500 ml         $  479