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Digitonin, High Quality
Catalog#:Natural Products
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CAS Number:  11024-24-1

Molecular Formula:  C56H92O29

Molecular Weight:  1229.31

Appearance:  off-white solid

Purity by TLC:  ~ 50%

Solubility:  EtOH; H2O

Storage Condition:  +4°C (short-term storage); -20°C (long-term storage); Packaged under inert gas

Shipping Conditions:  Room Temperature

Handling:  Mild nonionic detergent.

                  Useful to solubilize receptors and permeabilize nuclear membranes.

Usage:  For research use only.  Not for use in humans.  


                AUR11321-250            250 mg           $ 109

                AUR11321-1G                 1 g              $ 299

                AUR11321-5G                 5 g            $ 1009