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10 mg $59
50 mg $249
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CAS Number:  N/A

Molecular Formula:  C18H16N2O

Molecular Weight:  276.33

Appearance:  yellow solid

Purity by TLC:  ≥ 98%

Solubility:  DMSO

Storage Condition:  +4°C

Shipping Conditions:  Room Temperature

Description:  Cell-permeable.  It facilitates Akt ubiquitination in vitro and in vivo.  Due to its dual inhibitory activity, SC66 displays a more effective growth suppression of transformed cells that contain a high level of Akt signaling.

Handling:  Protect from moisture and light

Usage:  For research use only.  Not for use in humans.


                AUR10968-10        10 mg        $   59

                AUR10968-50        50 mg        $ 249