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Monensin Methyl Ester
50 mg $60
200 mg $209
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Molecular Formula:  C37H64O11  

Molecular Weight:  248.23

Appearance:  glassy white crystals

Purity by TLC:  ≥ 98%

Solubility:  EtOH (68 mg/ml), MeOH (68 mg/ml)

Storage Condition:  room temperature (short-term storage); +4°C (long-term storage)

Shipping Conditions:  Room Temperature

Description:  It can be used in the preparation of ion-selective membranes.

Handling:  Protect from moisture 

Usage:  For research use only.  Not for use in humans.      


                AUR11373-50           50 mg        $    60

                AUR11373-200       200 mg        $  209