• About us

Aurora Medbiochem Co.

Aurora Medbiochem Co. was founded in March 1997 at San Diego, Califonia - USA. Since its inception, scientists of Aurora Medbiochem have researched and developed three pain-relieving products: Aurora Pain Relieving Oil, Aurora Pain Relieving Ointment and Aurora Pain Relieving Lotion. They have been developed in accordance with FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) regulations as well as the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) standard. Launching of natural herbs based personal care products and skin care products such as anti-aging facial cream, moisturising toner, cleanser, body lotion, and nail oil (Biogel) are under way.

Our Mission

We listen, we care, and we trust our customers always. So, we are continuously improving and working hard to deliver our customers the highest quality products with the lowest price.

Aurora Medbiochem Co. researches and develops the personal care products by utilizing the naturally available herbal compounds.

Aurora Medbiochem Co. researches and develops the novel compounds and solutions, for applying in Biology Laboratories, Research Institutes, and Hospitals.